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Don’t Fall Into the Fame Trap

The Atlantic 14 Oct 2021
“ How to Build a Life ” is a weekly column by Arthur Brooks, tackling questions of meaning and happiness. Click here to listen to his new podcast series on all things happiness, How to Build a Happy Life . Humans have a bad habit of wanting things that are terrible for us. An abundance of refined sugar rots our teeth and blows out our insulin system ... .

Good times at the Boyd County Fair

The Daily Independent - Ashland 19 Aug 2021
Fairgoers were treated to an electrifying show put on by the Generation Next Pro Wrestling outfit all the way from Cynthiana ... When asked if it favored sugar cubes for a treat, Davenport seemed a little taken aback. “I don't feed him sugar,” she said. “Sugar is bad for them. It rots their teeth and they lose them when they get old.” ... His sign said so ... .

Day 12 notes and observations: Amon-Ra St. Brown fights again, Da’Shawn Hand goes down again

Michigan Live 10 Aug 2021
ALLEN PARK -- If he’s any good at all, it’s hard not to imagine Amon-Ra St. Brown becoming a fan favorite in Detroit ... “I was fired up,” Campbell said after St ... “I told Amani this morning -- and I’ve got to be careful giving too much sugar so it doesn’t rot his teeth out -- but he is just kind of quietly different than everybody else,” Campbell said ... .

Here's a new one: Smoking is bad for you and kale is good

The Daily Telegram 25 Jul 2021
I quit smoking and then my blood pressure went up and I gained 10 pounds. So I might avoid lung cancer, but I could stroke out or develop diabetes. Or both. Yes, I’m aware all I have to do eat kale and broccoli sandwiches and exercise daily. I get it ... But that’s a lot of sugar ... Sugarless, of course, because sugar will rot your teeth ... .

The Vipeholm Experiments: How Scientists Learned About Tooth Decay Is Right Out Of A Horror Film

IFL Science 19 Jul 2021
b) get out there and impatiently begin shoveling sugar into the mouths of children in a hospital and just sort of watch what happens, suspecting full well that that will be "their teeth will rot away", without gaining any form of consent ... likely due to less sugar in their diets.

Dump truck delivers 1,200 pounds of Halloween candy to N.J. family for ultimate trick (and treat)

NJ dot com 02 Nov 2020
Kenley and Aiden O’Sullivan bopped up and down in white masks as they surveyed their Halloween haul. Who could blame them? They didn’t have to ring one doorbell ... SVU." ... The family is going slow and steady on the rest of the sugar flow. “We still have it in the garage and we bring in a bag in at a time so their teeth aren’t rotted," she says ... .

Percymas Pies Are Here For Christmas. Here's Our Review.

Huffington Post 21 Oct 2020
Yep, you heard that right ... Related... 5/10 ... “I’d say these treats are more like a Bakewell tart than a festive pie and incredibly sweet, so sweet in fact, there’s 23g of sugar per pie. Twenty three whole grams! I can feel my teeth rotting with each bite I take, yet weirdly I still want more (probably, it’s the sugar talking) ... .

What Happens When You Only Drink Coke Or Pepsi?

What Culture 11 May 2020
Your Teeth Will Rot Right Out Of Your Mouth ... Sugar isn't good for our bodies in a number of ways, but the one way we can see the impact almost right away is by looking at our teeth ... When that sugar sits on your teeth, it interacts with the bacteria that normally lies within plaque to produce acid.

Refined carbs as responsible for childhood obesity, rotten teeth as sugar - study

TVNZ 07 Feb 2020
Sugar may not be great for your teeth, but it's not the only think liable to make your teeth rot, according to new research conducted in New Zealand.  ... Current dietary guidelines recommend increasing the frequency of consumption of sugar- and starch-containing foods as ...

Alina Morse: the teenager who made a million

Moneyweek 20 Jan 2020
The artwork, and the office, belongs to the company’s founder and CEO, 14-year-old Alina Morse. Zollipops, which sells sugar-free lollies and other sweets, was born out of Morse’s desire for treats that wouldn’t “rot her teeth”, as her father had warned her after she had been offered one on their way out of a bank ... Subscribe to MoneyWeek ... .

If you are taking part in Dry January, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drink well

New Statesman 15 Jan 2020
sugar. Most non-alcoholic cold beverages are sweet, yet I don’t see anyone committing to Sugar-free January. But then, sugar has a long history of rotting our moral teeth ... Today, sugar has a subtle hold over many of us in the form of sugar addictions – whether or not we admit it. Sugar isn’t my drug of choice.

Gonzaga: Bitter side of sugar

Sun Star 07 Jan 2020
EXCEPT for diligent diet watchers, I presume we all had sugar overload the past month of revelry and celebrations ... It is easy to overdo sugar. Just one 12-ounce can of regular soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar, and no nutritional benefit ... The poor Negrosanon, is not exempt from sugar overload ... sugar rots your teeth.

Chewing Sugar-free Gum May Prevent Dental Cavity

News18 20 Nov 2019
To prevent your teeths from rotting, start chewing sugar-free gums, as researchers, including one of Indian-origin, ...

How chewing sugar-free gum may prevent dental cavity

International Business Times 20 Nov 2019
To prevent your teeth from rotting, start chewing sugar-free gums, as researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found some evidence that sugar-free gum could help reduce further development of dental caries (cavities) in adults and children ... Sugar-free gum act as a carrier for antibacterial ingredients.