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I'm a dentist... these are the worst four foods to eat while celebrating King Charles' ...

The Daily Mail 06 May 2023
Dr Kasem said teeth brushing after eating the pudding is vital to prevent the sugar from sitting on your teeth and slowing starting to rot the outer layer, especially for those using teeth aligners — devices that straighten teeth ... 'Its yummy custard, jelly and cream filling is a hazard for your teeth due to the sheer amount of sugar it contains.'.

In defence of musicals

New Statesman 27 Mar 2023
Not me ... Yes, musicals are very amusing, they say, but where’s the substance, the meat to chew on? Somewhere in our cultural evolution, those on a sugar-free diet have decided musical theatre will rot your teeth; that is nothing but fluff designed to make you stare stupidly like the bourgeoisie with their TV screens and their square eyes ... .

Map lays bare England's child dental crisis - and the areas where youngsters are more ...

The Daily Mail 23 Mar 2023
Tooth decay is caused by having too much sugar and not cleaning teeth and gums well enough, ... More than 25,000 children have rotting teeth removed in 2022 as extractions increase by 83 per cent, with young people in poorer areas more likely to need teeth out.

‘needanamebro’: why the UK’s next girl band stars don’t even have a name yet

The Guardian 07 Mar 2023
A special needanamebro menu was created as a keepsake featuring different ice-cream specials for each member (Amelia’s teeth-rotting Amazing Kinder Bueno Waffle With Bueno Gelato, for example). Over the course of a sugar-rich 90 minutes, the London-based band hung out with a ...

Popular artificial sweetener Erythritol linked to risk of heart attack and stroke

Metro UK 01 Mar 2023
The sweetener is often recommended to manage calorie and sugar consumption in people with obesity, diabetes (Picture ... Fermenting corn creates the product which is 70 percent as sweet as sugar, but it is poorly metabolised by the body ... Zero-sugar energy drink Sneak brings hype beast mode without rotting your teeth.

Calling the 2014 Overthrow of Ukraine’s Yanukovych a “U.S. Coup” Is True, and Extremely Important.

GlobalResearch 28 Feb 2023
To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here ... Certainly Musk’s tweet was ... Government ... Will the flavor be chocolate, or will it be vanilla? Either way, it’ll be loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring, and will fatten you, and rot your teeth, just the same, no matter how different the taste is ... .

Calling the Overthrow of Yanukovych a U.S. Coup is True

Dissident Voice 27 Feb 2023
As a general rule, tweets are the least-reliable source of information. Certainly Musk’s tweet was ... which was the U.S ... Will the flavor be chocolate, or will it be vanilla? Either way, it’ll be loaded with sugar, artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring, and will fatten you, and rot your teeth just the same, no matter how different the taste is ... .

Doctors call for sugar and salt limits in baby food as they warn future generations ...

The Daily Mail 27 Dec 2022
Children who eat too much sugar risk damaging their teeth, putting on fat and becoming overweight, and getting type 2 diabetes which increases the risk of heart disease and cancer ... Too much sugar also impacts tooth decay, with rotting teeth now the most common reason for hospital admissions in children aged five to nine over the past four years.

The Worst Habits for Your Dental Health

Hastings Tribune 05 Sep 2022
Not brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy ... Alcohol can cause severe damage to your teeth and gums due to the sugar it contains ... Also, if you've noticed an uptick in bad breath, consider flossing to help remove rotting food that's stuck between your teeth. Consuming too much sugar.

5 Things dentists wish you know about dental care

Pinkvilla 16 Aug 2022
Furthermore, doing an incredible job in brushing and flossing your teeth doesn’t make you entirely resistant to oral health issues ... Your diet has a huge effect on your teeth- Sugar isn’t the sole culprit of tooth rot and gum disorder, some surprisingly 'healthy' foods can also be detrimental to our teeth such as lemons, pickles and grapefruit.

Teeth: Everyone's Getting Drilled Podcast Discussion

Rumble 14 Jul 2022
Join me on the Medical Medium Podcast as I discuss what’s really causing teeth problems and how you can fight against it.⁣ ... Find out why sugar isn’t the cause of teeth problems.⁣ ... Understand why some children have teeth that rot and fall out even if they are avoiding sugar.⁣ ... Discover how teeth are like time capsules.⁣.

‘Obscene’ baby food pouches are more sugary than soft drinks

The Times/The Sunday Times 08 Jul 2022
Dentists have called for tighter restrictions on baby food pouches which have more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola and are rotting children’s teeth.

Mike ‘Sugar Bear” Thompson reveals biopsy results after cancer scare, needs tumor removed

Monsters & Critics 15 May 2022
MikeSugar BearThompson will have a tumor removed from his gums ... Mike has a long history of using chewing tobacco, which may have caused some rotting in his mouth and damaged his teeth and gums ... After over 12 years of consuming chewing tobacco, most of his teeth have become fully rotted and have broken off.

Mama June's ex-fiancé Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson cleared of gum cancer but will have a ...

The Daily Mail 15 May 2022
Mama June's ex-fiancé Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson can breathe a sigh of relief after he was cleared of gum cancer ... Tania Farshi for a set of new teeth ... Sugar Bear had chewed tobacco for at least 12 years, which the outlet reported 'ended up rotting his teeth.' ... Sugar Bear had chewed tobacco for at least 12 years, which ended up rotting his teeth.

What Happens When You Only Drink Coke Or Pepsi?

What Culture 11 May 2022
Your Teeth Will Rot Right Out Of Your Mouth ... Sugar isn't good for our bodies in a number of ways, but the one way we can see the impact almost right away is by looking at our teeth ... When that sugar sits on your teeth, it interacts with the bacteria that normally lies within plaque to produce acid.

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